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Purdue Owl An exhaustive resource for academic and creative writing, grammar usage, and research paper formatting skills. It presents the aforementioned material via text-based lessons and practice exercises. Purdue also has invaluable graduate and post-graduate application guides, which can be very useful for those who wish to enter into higher education.
Spark Notes A very well-known and comprehensive collection of short but detailed summaries and analyses of books, stories, and other works of literature. It is one of the most helpful resources for high school and college English classes, as it provides an accurate, to-the-point guide for thousands upon thousands of books typically read at educational institutions. Don't have the time or money to read a book that was assigned in English class? Spark Notes has you covered. Spark Notes also offers vocabulary, grammar, and SAT/ACT practice.
Grammar Book Grammar Book is the perfect website for reviewing grammatical rules and mechanics. It provides several long, detailed lists of these rules and also has a number of interactive quizzes.
British Council Grammar An excellent website for English learners, or native speakers who need to brush up on their skills. It provides easy access to a multitude of helpful lessons and educational games.
Cliff Notes Similarly to Spark Notes, Cliff Notes offers a number of literary summaries and analysis but with a bit less variety. It does, however, have a very thorough and comprehensive set of SAT/ACT English and writing prep material. Cliff Notes also has grammar, writing, and vocabulary assistance.
Bibliomania Bibliomania contains several study guides on well-known classic novels as well as thousands of e-books, poems, articles, short stories and plays.
Writer's Handbook The writer's handbook is a meticulous collection of tips, guides, and lessons that every writer should know. It provides extensive coverage of thesis statements, conclusions, drafting, and source inclusion.
Vocabulary A website that aims to teach and improve basic English skills using educational games and videos. Very useful for non-native speakers.
Brainy Quotes A collection of both widely known and obscure quotes which may be useful for the writing of essays.