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Crash Course US History Crash Course is widely known for their relatively short, funny, and highly informative video content. They offer a wide range of history videos, including a large collection of US history content.
The Presidents A detailed and comprehensive list of all the United States presidents, along with a brief overview of each president's term in office.
Civil War Timeline This Civil War timeline provides a complete list of every major and minor event within the war period. Essential viewing for any student of American History.
The Great Depression This website provides a summary of the various causes and implications of the Great Depression. It also covers part of the international depression that came about as a result of the Great Depression.
PBS History PBS is a wonderful source for educational video content, and their history section does not fall short of this. It offers viewers a wide range of subtopics tailored specifcally for those who wish to improve or expand upon existing knowledge of history.
Digital History Digital History is the quintessential history review website. It covers every imagineable history topic, accessible via an easy-to-use menu. Timelines, references, and multimedia, and primary sources are also presented for viewing.
History Games A collection of multimedia historical-based games that aim to educate, inform, and entertain the user.
Crash Course World History As mentioned above, Crash Course is an excellent video resource for history content. Their World History videos are particularly helpful and comprehensive.
World War II Timeline Similar to the Civil War timeline, the WWII timeline provides an informative listing of every event relevant to that time period. A very guide tool for studying or memorizing particular dates and events.