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Knowledge Hub divides the educational subjects into 5 main categories: Math, English, History, Science, and Others. We offer a wide range of difficulty levels in all our subjects while maintaining a semblance of organization. Not only do we provide you with the external educational website itself, but we also give you our opinion on each website via the Comments section and let you vote on whether or not you found the resource useful. We take our time to determine the relevance of each resource and bring them all in one place, and the voting system allows us to expedite this process. If you would like to recommend other resources for us to add or perhaps just want to tell us how we're doing, please contact us here.


While designing Knowledge Hub our main goal was to make the website complex, yet comprehensible. There is a common theme throughout the website, but some of our features may appear confusing or complicated. We have brainstormed a few common questions our patrons may have and made a list complete with detailed answers. This page can be found under the help tab labelled "Frequently Asked Questions". If the FAQs do not sufficiently answer your questions, we ask you to please contact us here.


This website was made for students, by students. We wish to constantly improve and expand in order to better your user experience. By taking our survey, you can give us suggestions regarding features you would like to see implemented or removed. All feedback is greatly appreciated.

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